Welcome to Europa Strategic Partners Limited

Internationally, Ireland enjoys a strong reputation in peace-keeping which goes back decades, due to its involvement with the UN. Because of our neutrality, we have never been engaged in a conflict with another nation. Ireland’s reputation was enhanced when the so-called ‘Good Friday’ agreement was signed in April of 1998, ending years of conflict in the North of Ireland.

One of the consequences of the conflict in the North of Ireland was the expertise developed over the period amongst the military, policing and private security sectors. Eventually, a political solution was reached which is often held up as a model for other nations where conflict is an issue.

Europa Strategic Partners is a unique concept. We have brought together a leadership team of professionals from within the policing, military, private security and political sectors, all of whom have international reputations within their fields. Decades of expertise, experience, innovation and passion have come together under one brand – Europa.

Our vision is to take this knowledge base and enhance it with the most up-to-date advances in technology, design and software to create a global brand within the private security sector. Our partner companies are leaders in design, engineering, technology and software development. Europa is backed by some of the most successful entrepreneurs Ireland has seen in the last decade. Our ambitions are global, and we have chosen India as the first location for our operations.

The demand for private security services in India is unprecedented, growing 20% year-on-year. In fact, five million new recruits are required by the security sector by 2022. By 2020 India will be in the top ten markets in the world for private security and Europa will be at the forefront of this opportunity.

Europa Security delivers a full spectrum of private security services including professionally trained guards, surveillance, cash-in-transit and specialist technology. Clients include five star hotels, power stations, shopping malls, banks, foreign embassies (including the Irish embassy in Delhi), retail outlets, private hospitals and high-end offices.

In keeping with our ambitions, we have appointed Harsh Wardhan as our Management Consultant for India. In 2017, he was acknowledged as the ‘global security professional of the year’ amongst his peers. He has head-hunted a highly experienced management team, made up of professionals from the private security and military sectors. With offices in Delhi and Hyderabad, we are on target to be operational on a pan-Indian basis by 2019. Under Harsh’s leadership, Europa is on target to be in the top 10 international security companies operating in India by 2020.

Our Divisions

Europa Security provides man guarding services to a wide range of sectors including hospitals, universities, financial institutions, hotels and industrial and commercial…

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Europa Cash Services provides services to the burgeoning financial services sector, which is growing 25% year on year. In particular, we will service ATMs for banks, a sector…

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Europa Training Academy delivers basic, intermediate and advanced training for the security sector, and in time will deliver training to other sectors. Many of these…

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Guarding Angels is a niche brand within the Europa Group. It focusses on the growing education sector, providing comprehensive technology based security solutions...

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Europa Marketing Partners provides a platform for innovative Irish companies to promote their security related products and services into the growing Indian market...

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Europa Intelligent Solutions is a bespoke cloud based information system developed in Ireland and India, which will provide a complete enterprise level software…

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