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Europa Intelligent Solutions provides end users with a unique Incident Management System (IMS) designed to highlight hotspots before they develop into security incidents, allowing security officers on site to implement mitigation measures and enhance the physical security of the client’s assets.

Rather than taking a reactive approach when trouble comes to call, our software is proactive, working around the clock to provide protective measures, even in times of crisis. When integrated with existing technology, our secure cloud-based system can revolutionise what security companies of all sizes and scales are able to accomplish.


Innovative Management Features


While software solutions exist in the security sector, few are able to accomplish what we aim to provide. From a virtual roll call to immediate emergency response in even the most vital of situations, we are able to provide a watchful eye when it’s needed most.

Our Intelligent Solutions technology provides proof of attendance and patrol, an essential feature for security software. Using our back office applications, we are then able to push this information in real time to any phone, tablet, or computer. This enables security managers and the client company to view where their security guards have patrolled, as well as patrol times and durations, in order to maintain control over any situation.

By utilising voice-to-text technology, our security guards can phone in with real time information regarding any incident or potential hotspot. Clients whose security companies use the Europa Intelligent Solutions will, through the Client Portal, have immediate access to alerts and information of any security incident on their sites. From here, clients can follow the steps taken by their security company to mitigate an incident through the online Security Incident Report Sequence, providing action and transparency in all situations. Clients, regardless of their location, can engage directly with the Security Supervisor on site through the live-chat function and implement whatever measures are deemed appropriate. Whether all is clear or risks are lurking, connectivity is always guaranteed.


The Europa Difference


The Europa Intelligent Solutions Client Portal is a one of a kind addition, providing client insight at all points throughout the security and protection process. Providing unrivalled real time access to security functions without the need to wait for weekly security briefs or reports, clients and agencies will always be able to enjoy instant access and professional controls under all circumstances.

By using the Europa Intelligent Solutions system, clients will be able to take a hands-on approach to security. With available information ranging from the number and location of security guards on site to immediate feedback in the event of a threat, this comprehensive platform is able to provide safety and security when no others can.

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