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EUROPA SECURITY provide a comprehensive range of manned-guarding services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. With Europa Security you will get a guard trained to the highest standard who has also been fully briefed on your specific requirements. All our guards are smartly dressed in our distinctive uniform and carry ID and are equipped with the latest technology and communications. We provide every category of professional security guard including:

  • Static and Retail Guards
  • Mobile Patrols and Rapid Response
  • VIP and Close Protection
  • Discreet and Undercover
  • Crowd Control and Event Management

We cover all sectors including Banks, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Public Buildings, Tourist Locations, Transport Hubs, Airports, Commercial and Office Units, Retail, Hotels and Industrial Units.

All our services are tailored to our clients’ needs, resulting in a cost-effective solution offering maximum security and protection. We pride ourselves in the training each guard receives, which is to the highest international standard. Each guard is firstly vetted and then must undergo and pass our detailed in-house training course before being deployed. They are then briefed on our clients’ specific requirements and are familiar with the risks associated with that premises.

They are supervised on an on-going basis to ensure that the highest of standards are being maintained. We encourage client feedback to continuously improve. Our supervisors and managers are highly-trained security professionals, many of whom are ex-military or ex-police.

A site survey is the starting point for all of our services. This survey is free of charge and is essential for evaluating your security requirements. On many site surveys we have found that our clients have more personnel than they require, yet gaps remain in their security. This is largely due to the fact that risks have not been fully identified, and guards have not been properly trained to deal with those risks. By reducing personnel numbers, many clients are able to lower costs while improving security.

Site surveys are conducted by our highly-trained and experienced security professionals. They identify risks and develop a plan to manage those risks. This plan will be provided in the form of a report. It is recommended that site surveys are conducted prior to engaging Europa Security and are subsequently reviewed on a regular basis. We also provide a range of specialist services that facilitate and enhance your ability to do business while minimizing risk in a discreet manner.

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