Europa Training Academy

The EUROPA TRAINING ACADEMY is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company and is located at present at Peerzadiguda, Uppal, Andhra Pradesh, India. Our mission is to bring the highest professional standards of training that exists globally to our academy. Our training team include professionals with extensive military and police training backgrounds as well as trainers from the private and corporate sector. This all encompassing team of training professionals allows us to create some of the most indepth and highly specific training courses available. It is our vision to bring the EUROPA TRAINING ACADEMY to the forefront of the security industry and make the brand a well recognised and respected name in the business.

The Training Academy delivers comprehensive security training as well as refresher training to security personnel in general security duties, fire fighting, accident prevention, first aid, search procedures, unarmed combat, physical and documentation preparation prior to deployment on duty.

The Academy also delivers pre-enrolment training to individuals who have a desire to join the defence services, paramilitary services and police services.

Our facilities include a modern training complex with very comfortable accomodation that can house 100 trainees at a time. This total immersion in training is paramount to producing personnel that are well motivated, self confident and disciplined and who are equipped to operate with the skills required in the security industry. The complex is custom designed with well furnished class rooms, dining and recreational facilities, conference hall and also external training facilities including an exercise yard and well laid out obstacle course.

We have staff who are qualified in emergency and security training with certification in running training simulations for international organisations including the UN, and various national state military and law enforcement bodies throughout Europe, but particularly Ireland and the UK.

We are currently in the planning stages of developing a state of the art Training & Conference facility that will be meticulously designed to cater for all our training needs and will facilitate the staging of international conferences and events in Hyderabad.

The Europa Training Academy is committed to facilitate the top class training and professional development of security personnel and to constantly update and develop our suite of course offerings.

At Europa Training Academy, we offer a bespoke set of security training packages that range from hi-tech to low-tech and focus on the needs of strategic decision makers as well as those they manage. We also cater to those who need to upgrade or develop their tactical abilities in response to a threat. Practitioners in this area – be they state or commercial – can benefit from a range of Europa Training Academy packages. The services we offer meet the needs of businesses which seek to enter India’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) market, as well as those that are already engaged in India.

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