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There are approximately 1.6 million schools with over 400 million children in India. Most of the schools in India are public and government aided schools. Expenditure on safety in such schools is not a high priority due to the budget constraints of the Education Board of India and the government. In India, only private schools can afford the safety measures that are required by the safety Standard Operating Procedure issued by Home Ministry of India due to financial constraints. Private schools and popular elite boarding schools, are mostly at the outskirts of townships due to their large campus and are therefore at a greater risk of safety threats.

Still, most of the private schools are not properly safe guarded and have lesser number of man-guards than required. Most of the institutions have cctvs installed but they are not monitored and are therefore of little or no advantage.

Since good quality private security services require large numbers of man guards, only elite and famous private schools are safe guarded by security personnel. Larger, already established security firms are operating in this area but they are very expensive and are only affordable to big, renowned and private groups of schools. The majority of this potential market is from schools that are private but not very famous and financially strong. They have safety measures installed but with a number of flaws and are they are not in accordance with the safety guidelines issued by government for schools. The market is huge and mostly untapped. Private security is a huge requirement for schools in India nowadays.


Children form approximately ¾ of the population of schools. Since children are young and are unable to protect themselves and understand perceived danger, they need not only protection but also training for emergency situations.

After the incident of the Peshawar school attack in 2014, schools in India have been asked to revamp their security measures for the safety of the school children. GUARDING ANGELS can provide schools with the ultimate package of safety measures which would be customised as per the needs of the school and would be in accordance with the safety guidelines issued by the government of India for schools nationwide.

Ensuring safe learning environments for elementary and secondary school students, educators, administrators, and others is essential. Cultures and climates of safety, respect, and emotional support can help diminish the possibility of targeted violence in schools.

At Europa Security, we are committed to investigating and evaluating threats and other behaviours of concern in schools, addressing considerations for developing policies and capacity to support threat assessment efforts and providing suggestions for approaches schools can adopt to foster school environments that reduce threats of targeted violence.

The following is the list of services that we can offer to schools:

  • CCTV installation and monitoring personnel for 24-hour monitoring
  • Intercom and audio-video alarm systems for all necessary premises connecting all the gates
  • Mock-drills for training of children at the time of emergency
  • Firearms trained and equipped man guards for 24 hour day and night guarding
  • Electric-shock wire and concertina wire fencing and proper illumination of the boundary walls of schools
  • Metal and weapon detectors for the school
  • Risk assessment service by specialists
  • Man guards for the transport services such as schools buses
  • Installation of GPS in the school transport facilities for enhanced vigilance
  • Devoted security supervising manager for every school
  • Special training classes for young students for risks like sexual harassment, stranger kidnapping risks and terrorist attacks such as hostage taking and random firing
  • Special network of security will be set up with walkie-talkie and separate telephone connections for guards
    Centralized Public Announcement System to give instructions to students and staff collectively at the time of emergency
  • Daily visual anti-sabotage check of school by security manager
  • Security and safety seminars for the students, staff and parents of school children
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